• Product Name:ST-720/1050 Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

          High speed: The maximum speed of 4000 p/h can raise production efficiency.
          High registration accuracy: It ensures high quality printing.
          Thin paper printing: Accurate printing on printing material of 0.075mm thickness allows your business scope expanded.
          Zero reject: The photocell eyes refuse wrong positioned paper, which makes your waste cost to be zero.
          Smooth running: The long service life of the machine resulting from smooth and reliable running increases your investment benefit.

          Being an updated model so far in China, Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine is our product newly been put into the market and this result benefits from our several decades experience in manufacturing rotary screen printing machine and the improvement with new ideas on the basis of incorporating new technology and design from home and abroad. To ensure the reliability of the function of its unique design, the key parts of the machine are processed by imported procession machine tools and the key components are imported directly from abroad. It is really an ideal equipment to offer high quality printing better and faster for those industries, such as packaging and advertisement printing industry (printing on coated paper, paper board, cardboard, stick paper, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and spot varnishing with UV ink), transfer printing industry (printing labels of pottery, glass, lottery ticket and enamel) and electronic printing industry (printing soft circuit board and flexible film button).
          On the both sides of the machine are equipped with pushing lays, drawing lays and photoelectric monitors to meet both sides printing requirement for
          the paper of different weight. The accurate registration is ensured by the pushing or drawing lays driven by the upper and lower cams, which can push
          and draw the printing sheets to the right position. According to different printing sheets, the use of pushing and drawing lays can be exchanged freely.
          The optical fiber magic eyes on the cylinder to monitor the printing sheet to be on the right position or not, which prevents the waste effectively.
          The delivery table, actuated by the cylinder, can turn by 90°up and down quickly, which makes the cleaning of the screen plate easy.
          The machine can be running in sheet-fed or stream-fed mode according to different printing sheets. The feeding board with vacuum suction function
          feeds the paper to the end stop of the cylinder smoothly,especially for those thin paper.
          The cylinder is processed by German precision grinding machine and its diameter run-out and roundness are exactly assured. That ensures the printed
          sheet of good color and dot saturation.
          Owing to the facts that the end stop of the cylinder and the flat pressure tongue before the cylinder are adopted instead of traditional hook type front
          lay, paper feeding by hairbrush rolls instead of traditional steel and glass rider balls and sheet smooth feeding on the feeding board with vacuum
          suction function, the scrubbing of the printed sheets while multiple printing is prevented.
          The screen frame is designed to be a drawer and it can be drawn out as a whole. It is not only convenient for the cleaning, mounting and dismounting
          the frame, but also for the calibration and adjustment between the screen plate and the printed sheets.
          Together with the screen frame the new designed drip tray is drawn out at the same time to prevent the remaining ink on the ink reclaiming blade and
          squeegee blade dropping onto the cylinder.
          The pushing and drawing device on the screen master frame and the screen plate fine-adjusting device are used for setting the right screen frame
          position for the purpose of accurate registration.
          Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine and our Series Drying Machines can be on-line working:
          Working with our UV Solidifying Machine (suitable for UV screen ink)
          Working with our Flat Feeding Drying Machine with UV & IR (suitable for solvent and UV screen ink)
          Working with our Flat Feeding Hot Air Dryer and Wicket Dryer (suitable for solvent screen ink)




          Max. Sheet Size (mm)720x5101050
          Min. Sheet Size (mm)350x270560×350
          Max. Printing Size (mm)720x5001050×740
          Thickness Of Sheet (gsm )100-35090-420
          Printing Speed (p/h)1000-3600500-4000
          Total Power (kw)8.39.8
          Machine Weight (kg)38005500
          Dimension (LxWxH) (mm)3250x2360x16003750x3066x1717

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