• Product Name: PH-900/1050 Conveyorized IR and UV Dryer

          PH-900/1050 Converyorized UV and IR Dryer, is developed from years of technology accumulation and absorbing advantage of foreign advanced models for automatic and high-speed screen press. The whole machine has its work line mechatronics without external equipment, space-saving footprint, equipped with overturning table, swivel caster, IR and UV drying pneumatic lifting devices, conveyor belt correction device, and stepless frequency speed regulation device, to make machine installation and run flexibly and conveniently, and at present as screen printing auxiliary equipment it is the advanced drying equipment made in China.
          The UV system uses the advanced low-temperature and high-intensity UV lamp, four sections of exhaust cooling system, making the UV lamp output
          increased 90% compared with the general UV lamp, and the temperature reduced by 30%; and it has the excellent performance of low-temperature, quick
          UV curing, and energy saving.
          The IR drying system is composed of two sections of jet hot air dryer, it has the light mid-infrared heating and drying function and exchange of hot air drying
          function. The system preheating, low temperature, mid temperature, high temperature, and ventilation temperature control are controlled by microcomputer
          touch screen program, which can quickly dry water-soluble and oil-based screen printing ink, with good features of high efficiency, energy saving, control of
          paper distortion, and space-saving footprint etc.
          The air conditioner uses the France MANEUROP industrial cold storage refrigeration unit, strong cooling, suitable for uninterrupted production. It adopts a
          continuous jet frozen air-conditioning system and the technology of frozen temperature difference without dew occurring, which makes the sheet quick
          cooling, the ink quick solidifying, and ink odor removal; it has good features of quick cooling, drying, ink-odor removal, stable running, and no dew occurring
          The conveying system adopts the stepless frequency speed regulation device, digital display, equipped with overturning table, and the conveyor belt with
          auto correction function, making the delivery smoothly.
          The air conditioner is equipped with inlet air filter, and it is easy to do filter cleaning.
          The UV section equipped with the ink leveling system, fully improves leveling of ink varnish.
          The UV lamp box and the IR drying box with the pneumatic lifting devices, and it is very easy to do maintain.
          It uses the imported PLC microcomputer programmed control, high automation, low failure rate, advanced and practical, stable and reliable performance.



          Max.Conveying Width (mm)9001050
          Conveying Speed (m/min)0-600-60
          UV Lamp Power (kw)8×39×3
          Stainless-steel Efficient Heater (kw)1.2×121.5×12
          Mid Infrared Ray Lamp Power (kw)
          Refrigeration Compressor Power (hp)5 (735wx5)6 (735wx6)
          UV System + Air Conditioning System Total Power (kw)3741
          IR Drying System + Air Conditioning System Total Power (kw)
          Dimension (LxWxH) (mm10500x1840x146010500x2000x1460

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